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Revamps and Upgrades

It's in our name: OPTIMIZED Process Furnaces, Inc. We specialize in designing and upgrading fired heating systems to perform at optimal capacity and efficiency.

With over 40 years of industry experience, OPF can evaluate new and retrofit solutions to determine the most effective, low cost solution.

Why Revamp or Upgrade Your Heater?

Fired heaters are major consumers of energy and fuel. With the rising cost of fuel, even small improvements to a heater's performance and/or efficiency can save thousands of dollars. We can upgrade, revamp, or repair your heater to:

  • Extend working life
  • Reduce emissions
  • Increase capacity & thermal efficiency
  • Increase run lengths between shutdowns
  • Decrease maintenance costs

Our Revamp / Upgrade Services:

Want to Learn More?

If you have any questions about our Revamps or Upgrades (or any of our products or services), please don't hesitate to contact us.

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OPF offers field services on direct-fired heaters, waste heat recovery units, air preheat systems and more.