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Waste heat recovery unit.

One of many Waste Heat Recovery Units supplied with all ductwork, diverter valve, and auxiliary firing system. The unit is located in Texas and has a duty of 104.4 MM Btu/hr.

Atmospheric crude oil heater.

Atmospheric Crude Heater being erected in Wyoming.

Air preheater.

By the use of a cast iron air preheater, OPF combined two furnaces for a duty of 53.34 MM Btu/hr and added a complete Air Preheat System to increase efficiency to 91.5 percent for a refiner in Oklahoma.

Direct fired heaters on and offshore platform.

These two 67.5 MM Btu/hr units were supplied complete with instrumentation and control system. The heaters were designed for off-shore platform service in Nigeria.

22 mm hot oil heater.

A 22MM Btu/Hr Hot Oil Heater in West Texas.

Stabilizer heater.

An 89.0 MM Btu/hr Stabilizer Heater in Algeria.

OPF has completed a wide array of projects all over the world. From complete systems to replacement parts and upgrades, OPF has the knowledge, the experience, and the dedication to provide the system that you need. Contact us today.

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OPF Client List

Since 1972, we have completed over 1000 successful projects for over 475 clients. Click on the image below to download a list of our past clients.

OPF Clients.